1.  IAGES Fellowship Course

IAGES will conduct a 3 days certification Fellowship course at Saraswathy hospital Parassala, Thiruvananthapuram from 21st to 23rd JULY 2017. The course will be a balanced mix of didactic lectures by eminent faculty with ample time for discussion, video presentations, open house sessions, symposia and direct informal interaction of groups with eminent faculty (Meet the Professor). Participants will get ample time on endo-trainer under close guidance and supervision of faculty to improve their hand eye co-ordination by structured exercises. Besilde the allotted time, there will be liberal availability of endo-trainer at other times. We are planning to make available Lap Mentor. The objectives of the course are to impart/update theoretical knowledge by close interaction and improving hand eye co-ordination. There will be many unique features in the course to make it more useful, convenient and memorable for you.

Live Workshop on Laparoscopic Surgery

On the 3rd day, i.e. 23rd JULY, a live operative workshop will be held. Commonly practiced basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures will be shown by eminent faculty who are masters in their field with emphasis on the correct practices. The workshop shall be an open house interactive session with delegate as the central point.

2.  Assessment for Certification

At the end of the course the candidates will be assessed for the certification. The method of assessment will be depend on whether the candidate is in examination category or non-examination Category.

3.  Eligibility  for FIAGES Course


If you are not an IAGES member, you may apply for the IAGES membership along with the FIAGES course registration. To obtain IAGES membership, send the form for IAGES membership online in the website www.iages.in and upload the necessary documents. A DD of Rs. 7000/- drawn in the name of IAGES - Mumbai payable at Mumbai along to filled FIAGES registration form should be sent to conference secretariate by post / courier. The conference secretariat will forward the DD to the IAGES office in Mumbai.

Non Examination Category:

The association awards fellowship to established and senior laparoscopic surgeons to recognise their contribution in this field without examination. To qualify for this category, the surgeon should have a minimum of ten years of experience in practice of Laparoscopy after post graduation. They are expected to have performed over 250 Laparoscopic procedures. Submission of some evidence or undertaking is required to substantiate their claim of experience in the field of minimal access surgery. The candidates registered in this category are required to attend all the lectures on 1st and 2nd day and live workshop on the third day. An interview of these candidates will be taken by the IAGES board members before certification during the course. A maximum of 100 candidates can register for this category.

Examination Category:

For examination category, the candidates are required to have minimum of two years of experience in Laparoscopic Surgery after post graduation in surgery by JULY 2017. They are expected to have performed over 25 laparoscopic procedures independently or jointly. They have to attend proceeding of all 3 days including Endo trainer session and meet the professor session.


On the 2nd day, after the lectures, they will appear for the examination. A maximum of 100 candidates will be registered for this course. The endotrainer sessions are a very important part of the fellowship course. The 90 minute session will be supervised by a faculty member so that there can be a close interaction. During the session they will be trained in performance of specified tasks and specific exercise including endo-knotting and suturing. Their evaluation will be on the same exercises. The evaluation will be in two parts:

A) Written Examination

There will be MCQ type questions for 100 marks. Candidates are required to obtain minimum of 50 marks to pass. The candidate is expected to know all important facts.

B) Practical Examination

It consists of two parts: The skill assessment on Endotrainer is based on performing simple to advanced exercises for approximately 10 minutes on each candidate. Maximum of 50 marks are allotted on Endotrainer assessment. Five faculty members are deputed as examiners. Each candidate is examined by one examiner only.

Interview/assessment for approximately 10 minutes for each candidate. The candidates are divided into batches and are interviewed by two or more senior most faculty members of IAGES depending upon the number of candidates. Maximum of 50 marks are allotted for the interview.

Total marks for practical examination are 100 (Endotrainer assessment 50 marks & interview 50 marks). A minimum of 50 marks are required to pass separately in practical examination combining the Endotrainer assessment and interview.

4.  Instructions to Course Participants

Attendance is compulsory for all course participants on all days.

Participants are requested to sign-in and sign-out four times a day (in & out pre lunch and in and out post lunch) which is mandatory and stay in hall till the proceedings are over. For every in and out a new register will be maintained. Marks will be given for the attendance.

Participants are requested to reach THIRUVANANTHAPURAM on 21st July  before 8.00 am without fail.

On July 21st the Registration will start at 8.00 am.


All exam category Participants are requested to be present for the exam at the announced time Participants without exam category (above 10 years of experience in MAS) will appear for an interview on Sunday the 23rd JULY 2017 evening.

The last sign-out will be on Sunday 5 pm. Advanced surgeries may continue beyond 5pm. Please plan your return ticket accordingly.

5.  Award of Fellowship Certificate

All fellowship certificates will be given only in person to the successful candidates in a convocation Ceremony during the National Conference of IAGES . A nominal fee shall be charged for the convocation.



Comprehensive laparoscopic surgery (download from our website:   www.iages.in)

Textbook of laparoscopic surgery, Dr. T.E. Udwadia.

The SAGES Manual.

Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr. Alfred Cuschieri.

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